Being a businessman is not easy!

So we made getting a business loan easier.


About Gala Finance Group

We provide small business owners with the quick capital they need.

Lending in all major asset groups

We are able to lend to C-stores/gas stations, hotels, restaurants, liquor stores, most franchises, and almost any other owner-occupied business.

Lending in all 50 states

Working with over 75 small and community banks throughout the country to help a client from Florida to Washington.

Lending on equipment

We specialize in lending for C-store equipment upgrades and PIP report renovations in hotels.

Lending all the time

We don’t hold normal business hours. We are small business people ourselves and will work around the clock to make sure your financing needs are met

What We Do

Our Services

Small business owners in need of capital must choose between applying for “payday loans,” which cost too much interest, or applying for SBA loans, which take too much time, however we have streamlined the process for you.

At Gala Finance Group, we take the hassle out of financing by quickly negotiating for you. Read More


We’re here to help you

Real Financing, Low Interest

Variable RatesS

5, 7, 10 year Fixed Rate

Interest Only period option

Get A Business Loan

Investment Sectors

Earn a projected return

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Gas Stations

We know first-hand the importance of leverage in the gas station business.

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From remodeling to expansion, hotel financing can be a hassle if you don’t have access to quick capital.

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Running a restaurant can be challenging, particularly if you don’t have access to quick capital.

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Doctors, Lawyers, CPA, Insurance Agents and all professionals looking to further expand their own brand and companies.

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Equipment and Business acquisition

You may need to finance your furniture purchases with low interest loans.

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Whether you need storage for imports/exports or are running your own storage business, we can help you!

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Collections from Our Customers.

Appropriately implement user friendly e-markets and backend processes. Competently expedite competitive vortals rather than client-based testing procedures. Professionally matrix exceptional schemas vis-a-vis leveraged paradigms. Authoritatively coordinate just in time networks with strategic potentialities.

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