We take the hassle out of financing


Let’s make the banks work for you.

Small business is the backbone of America, but the appetite for big banks to lend to small business owners has always been low. Often, small business owners in need of capital must choose between applying for “payday loans,” which cost too much interest, or applying for SBA loans, which cost too must time. At Gala Finance Group, we take the hassle out of financing by quickly negotiating for you.

Financial Consultations

It’s not enough to offer various financing options. We also provide onsite, high-value interactions to help you continuously improve your business throughout the financing process.


Land Acquisition

Your ability to rent and purchase land is crucial to the success of your new business or expansion plan. We provide different financing options to help you cross these hurdles.


Equipment and Construction

With no prepayments for up to 15-year loans, no geographical restrictions, and no financial covenants, we can finance up to 70% of your construction and 100% of your equipment needs.



Why not reinvest your hard-earned revenue back into your own business, instead of being hampered down with monthly payments to the bank? We provide various refinancing options to let interest rates work in your favor.



Spend more time managing your business,and less time stuck in the office filling out forms. We can assist you in preparing tax returns, interim financials, debt schedules, and appraisals/ valuations, so you can invest your time more productively.


Competitive Financing

It’s time the banks started working for you. We can turn the tables in your favor by creating a bidding competition among our network of 75 banks to get you the capital you need quickly at the interest rate you deserve.

Reach us for additional information about Gala Finance Group and the business solutions we can deliver for you.